Blocfest 2021

Blocfest 2021 - March 26 & 27

Thank you to everyone for making Blocfest 2021 a comp to remember.

Huge congratulations to all of our competitors and finalists for putting on such an amazing show for all of our spectators, and thank you to all of our spectators for cheering on our finalists so whole-heartedly!

Please check out Set In Stone Photography for the event gallery including Qualifiers and Finals.

All Qualification & Finalists Results can also be found below.



Open Womens:

  1. Clea Hall
  2. Atako Nakamura
  3. Danielle Boal

Open Mens:

  1. Satoshi Ogawa
  2. Ruoran Mei
  3. Alex Evans

Junior Womens:

  1. Clea Hall
  2. Atako Nakamura
  3. Tihana Picot

Junior Mens:

  1. Malo Gilly-Eydoux
  2. Tarquin Fennell
  3. Finn Bandiko

Masters Womens:

Masters Mens:

  1. Brad Fennell
  2. Rob Saunders
  3. Vincent Gilly

Check out the below for all Qualifier Results.