Climbing Gym Gallery

Video Tour

Watch our climbing gym tour to get a feel for the layout of Alpine Indoor Climbing.

If you have never been indoor rock climbing or bouldering before, this video is a great way to learn what it’s all about!

You don’t need to be strong to start indoor climbing – but it will definitely help you full body increase strength and muscle tone very quickly! Plus, you will learn a valuable new skillset, and join a fantastic friendly community.

Bouldering Gallery

There’s a huge range of different climbs at Alpine, with a range of holds and climbs to suit all skill levels.

Start out on the easiest climbs (V1) and work your way up from there. The grading system of each climb is coloured and simple to follow.

Moon Board Training

Looking to go beast mode with your climbing? Come down and start training on our brand new Moon Board!

Set a route from one of the thousands of combinations on the Moon Board touchscreen, included internationally-recognised routes that have been set by professional combiners.

This is where you will begin to build and hone exceptional grip strength and technique to use when climbing in the outdoors.

Coffee & Yoga!

Coffee is available every day from open to close. 

We run Yoga classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Visit the classes page to see a timetable for all classes.