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January 1, 2020

Why Your Next Event Should Be At Alpine!

Organising a school or work event and looking for something a little more memorable and unique? Want an activity that will actually get you and your friends/co-workers/significant others up and moving?

Bouldering is great fun for groups of all sizes, promising teamwork, exercise and a memorable experience for all involved.

So gather together your friend group, school class, club, committee, volunteering group, team or any other collective of human beings and bring them along.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn why Alpine is the perfect destination for your next event!


A dull lunch function, this is not

Tired of the same catering, same vibe and same conversations you’ve had in past events?

With bouldering, you’ll enjoy an active team-building activity that actually gets you up and moving, helping to build teamwork and camaraderie within all those involved.

When you’re ready for a post-climb meal, there are a number of eateries in the local shopping precinct, along with an array of cafes and restaurants located within Robina Town Centre – situated directly opposite us.


A refreshing mental challenge

Not only does bouldering present an opportunity for physical activity, it’s a great way to engage yourself mentally, with each climb offering its own unique challenge. Half-way up the wall and a little stuck on how to proceed? Those around you will be more than happy to help.

With a unique mental challenge, in addition to a physical one, you’ll be plotting out routes, overcoming challenges and cheering each other on as you progress through the various climbs, not to mention improving continuously as you go.


A unique physical challenge

Unlike many other sports and physical activities, climbing and bouldering don’t just aim at a specific area of the body, or focus on a particular specialised skillset, or target one muscle group.

This is an intense, all-body activity that’ll engage every muscle, but don’t worry: you’ll find climbs that cater towards all skill levels and abilities.

Better yet, in the company of friends or co-workers, you’ll be more likely to push yourself further and work harder – plus, everyone enjoys a little healthy competition.


So what are you waiting for? Bring your team together for an activity that’s heaps of fun, gets you up and moving, is excellent for your fitness and gives you the opportunity to try a new sport that you may just end up loving.

Call us today for assistance with getting your group booked in, and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!

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