OMM 2021

Oktoberfest MoonBoard Masters 2021


Welcome Alpinists to the Oktoberfest MoonBoard Masters 2021!

It’s finally here! We can safely say this is our teams favourite time of year. The time we get to throw on a lederhosen, don a dirndl and down a few steins.

Our setters get to rub their evil fingers together as their mischievous beta hiding side comes out to play.

For those of you that are new to the Oktoberfest MoonBoard Masters… Welcome! It is our annual members only competition and celebration.

This is a free event for all of our members.

Qualifiers will run over 8 weeks, starting on Thursday 5th August to Friday 24th September 8.30pm AEST sharp!

The Oktoberfest MoonBoard Masters Final & Members Party will be held on Saturday 2nd October.


Starting on Thursday 5th of August, our route setters will create new competition climbs each week (for 8 weeks) from the new sector resets. These comp climbs will not be graded, but will have a special competition start tag with an allocated climb number.

When you are ready, you can climb the comp climbs. If you top it, then jump into the competition app and log the climb. Be careful not to ruin your flash attempt as a flash (completing it the first time on the problem) is worth more points.

The points for each climb will coincide with the difficulty of each climb (a1= 10 points, a8= 80 points etc). However, this year we will not be grading the climbs for you to see in the gym. Instead, you will see the points when you log your climbs in the app.

Yes, yes & yes! This is a free social competition and is for all members to enjoy. There will be grades for everyone during the qualifiers with a huge celebration on finals day. You can climb your qualifiers in your own time and enter your scores into the app when you are ready.

The finals will be for every member to watch, enjoy a few drinks & cheer our hearts out while supporting the finalists.


The top 6 Men and 6 Women from the 8 week qualifiers will compete head to head in a MoonBoard Final. This year will be slightly different (as if you didn’t expect a twist). Check out our below video for all of the Final Rules.


Yes you can! In honour of our German wall creators, we are celebrating Oktoberfest.

Best Oktoberfest outfits will be in with a chance to pick up some spot prize goodies.

We will end the night in full Oktoberfest style down at our close neighbours, The Bavarian Robina.

Please let our team know next time you’re in the gym that you are interested and we will send you an email with your competitor number and link to the competition app. It’s that easy!

Otherwise you can always send us an email to & we will get you set up.

Oktoberfest MoonBoard Masters 2021 Final Rules

So get ready Alpinists! Dust off your dirndl, lederhosen and stein glasses and get in fast to register!