How To Get Into Indoor Rock Climbing

October 18, 2019

New to climbing and concerned about the barrier to entry? Worry not!

Anyone can start climbing without previous experience – and there’s a good chance your past training and sporting activity will help you transition into climbing. Just about every physical activity in your background can serve as a stepping stone to climbing and bouldering.

Have any experience with the below disciplines and haven’t tried climbing? Bring your family or a friend, come into Alpine Indoor Climbing and give it a go – you may just surprise yourself.

how to get into indoor rock climbing
You don't need loads of upper body strength to start indoor rock climbing - but you will gain strength very quickly


With the explosive movements and significant upper body strength required for calisthenics and bar work, you’ll be well equipped to handle many of the challenges of rock climbing. An activity naturally filled with pulling, pushing and explosive movements, calisthenics – think pull ups, push ups, muscles ups and any other movement that can be completed using only your own bodyweight – is a discipline requiring both strength and skill, serving as the perfect launching pad for a career in climbing and bouldering.

Weightlifting & Strength Training

The strength required to lift one’s body weight can be significant, particularly for more advanced climbing routes. With the strength you’ve developed from volume training and lifting weights, you’ll be well equipped for a smooth transition into climbing.

Regardless of the weight you’re lifting or the rep range you commonly operate in, any experience lifting is sure to help you with some of the more difficult climbs, allowing you to reach higher and climb further. 

how to get into indoor rock climbing
Never been indoor rock climbing before? We have intro classes on Friday nights with friendly, professional climbing instructors


Parkour & Free Running

The speed and flexibility innate in those who practice parkour and free running, along with the high levels of endurance required for this kind of exercise, make free running and other acrobatic activities a perfect gateway to climbing.

While some of the jumps, flips and inverted manoeuvres present in parkour aren’t necessarily seen in climbing, the same high energy and intensity enjoyed by free runners can be found in spades in climbing and bouldering, so come and test your skills and let indoor climbing be your next challenge!

Running & Sprinting

To remain suspended on the wall for extended periods of time can often require a degree of stamina and endurance. The high levels of endurance required for long distance running suit climbing perfectly – the cardiovascular fitness of this group of people means they’re able to continue climbing for long periods without tiring.

From triathletes to marathon runners and those who simply enjoy the occasional fun run, this is a perfect opportunity to get into a brand new form of training.

Anything Else!

Haven’t been to the gym in a while and feel like you should get back into training? Prior experience isn’t necessary, and people of all fitness levels can benefit from and get immense enjoyment out of climbing and bouldering. No matter the sport you play, how much you can lift or how fast you run, there is something for everyone at Alpine Indoor Climbing.

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