Add Variety And Complexity To Your Workouts

January 14, 2020

Variety Like Nowhere Else


If the gym is becoming a little mundane or those occasional group fitness classes aren’t quite motivating you like they used to, it may be time to explore a new activity.

Bouldering is a craze that’s taken the greater fitness community by storm. Whether you come as part of a family, with co-workers, a partner or just by yourself – everyone can find something to love.

An evolving and highly dynamic activity, bouldering will keep you coming back for more.

Route Resetting

The changing nature of a climbing gym is greatly assisted by route resetting. This is how you’ll tell a good bouldering gym apart from a great one.

At Alpine, our staff will cordon off a section of the gym every single Friday to completely reset the route contained within, adding a totally new challenge and layer of complexity.

This can often be a difficult and somewhat lengthy process, but it’s absolutely worth it for our wonderful visitors and passionate members, helping to keep the climbs fresh and ensuring you a new experience every time you come in.

With approximately 8 zones throughout the club, this means that every 8 weeks, the entire gym will look completely different, meaning you won’t get too accustomed to a particular route or challenge and you’ll enjoy constant new opportunities to improve your skills and up your climbing game!

A New Type Of Gym

The bench press at the gym will always be the same exercise, involving the same movement performed at the same speed. You can increase the weight, but that’s about it as far as changing up the core exercise.

The same goes for squats, deadlifts and the other fundamental lifts – they’re important for developing your strength, but don’t ultimately provide much excitement after a while.

Climbing and bouldering bring something entirely new to the table, an experience that is constantly changing and evolving as your strength increases and your ability improves.

A particular section of the gym becoming too easy for you? Move on to the more difficult climbs elsewhere!

Looking to develop your techniques and ascend the walls faster? Speak to our knowledgeable staff, hit up one of the friendly members around you or attend one of our training classes. The opportunities for growth are endless.

Training, Classes & Yoga

Looking to complement your climbing with other activities? Alpine Indoor Climbing also offers yoga sessions, group classes and training workshops.

Seeking a real challenge and looking to take your climbing to new heights? Take part in our climbing training classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Or, on the first three days of the week, come and join one of our specially-designed yoga classes, where you’ll be guided through movements and exercises that are specifically designed to cater toward climbers and their unique needs. It’s here that you’ll improve balance, stability and flexibility, all while learning various techniques to prevent injury or discomfort.


Looking to shake up your regular training with something completely different? Want to move past plateaus and challenge your body in totally new ways?

Get in touch with the team today – we’d love to answer any questions you may have and help you get started!

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