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Alpine Indoor Climbing is the Gold Coast’s only fully air-conditioned indoor rock climbing gym!

Using state-of-the-art climbing holds, you will find hundreds of potential climbing routes for all levels, from beginners through to highly experienced indoor & outdoor rock climbers.

We are proud to announce we have secured the regions only Blocz manufactured climbing gym. With a reputation of having some of the best designed and technical climbing gyms around the world, Blocz is German Engineering at its best.

We also have the Gold Coast’s first and only Moonboard. With LED and full spec, our set-up allows you to connect your phone to our blue tooth app and light up your own projects. Test yourself against identical climbs the best in the world train on.

Climb what the pro’s climb.

For their safety, and the safety of other gym goers, we have limited the entry to 10 years and over.

Gold Coast’s only air-conditioned climbing gym.

Indoor rock climbing in comfort. Escape the summer Gold Coast heat, and come climbing in full air conditioning. Enhance your training - climb longer and harder.

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Alpine Indoor Climbing is conveniently located at 86 Robina Town Centre Drive (in the Robina Super Centre complex).

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we have climbing specific training classes and yoga options.


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We only use premium coffee from local coffee roasters.

“A man doesn’t go to drink coffee after climbing, coffee is an integral part of the climbing.” — Wolfgang Gullich, Climbing Legend
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