training classes

Our training classes are created to take your climbing to the next level and help you achieve your climbing goals.

Mondays – 6.30am
Wednesdays – 6.30am

These are a fast paced 60 minute fitness class which comprises of strength & endurance training. If it is your first time attending a training class, we recommend climbing in the gym prior to booking a class to ensure you are comfortable with our grading scale.

Our training classes do not include technique and learn to climb basics. If you are hoping to learn new climbing skills, please check out our events page for our latest learn to climb courses and workshops.

Bookings are essential for all training classes & can be easily booked online.

climbing assessments

Our Climbing Assessments focus on identifying your strengths and weaknesses on and off the wall to prepare you to achieve your goals.

The results will direct your training to work on your limitations, body movement, enhance climbing performance and see measurable improvements upon re-assessment.

Initial Assessments - 60 mins - $220

What is included in an Initial Assessment?

  1. Joint and Movement Assessment (Climbing Specific)
  2. Climbing Technique Assessment
  3. Injury Specific Risk Assessment
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Full Body Strength Assessment
  6. Finger Flexor Strength Test
      • Maximal Pull Forces
      • Endurance Resting
      • Recovery Resting
      • Body Composition Evaluation
      • Recommendations (for training focus based on results)

Follow Up Assessments - 30-45 mins - $150

Re-Assessment will include:

  1. Joint and Movement Assessment (Climbing Specific)
  2. Progressions in Goal Setting & Training Recommendations
  3. Full Body Strength Re-Assessment
  4. Finger Flexor Strength Re-Testing
      • Peak Pull Forces
      • Endurance Testing
      • Recovery Testing
      • Body Composition Re-evaluation (if needed)

All assessment results and recommendations are emailed to you following the assessment.

To book your Climbing Assessment, please contact us by email with your availability or chat to our reception team on your next visit.

training blogs

We have been busy putting together training and climbing blogs for your reading pleasure!

These have been created by our team and a range of external experts to filter the most up to date climbing and training information available.