Performance CentreCurrumbin

Alpine Currumbin has been established as a training and performance centre.

Our Performance Membership will get you access to all classes.

Our highly qualified coaches and coaching panel periodise the years break down giving you the best performance and adaptations for your climbing.

Weekly training can be joined at any time.

Updated Training Timetable at Alpine Currumbin

Classes are exclusive to Performance Memberships.
Bookings for all classes are required, with all bookings through our members app.

Download the Alpine Members App to book.


An Intense Climbing Based Workout

These sessions will target strength, power and endurance in the most effective way possible.

Our coaching panel and head coach have periodised the years break down to maximise adaptations to get you the fastest and most sustainable gains in your climbing.

Mobility / Hang

A Movement Based Class

Hangboarding is scheduled periodically at strategic intervals during the year to optimise results. This integrates seamlessly with our mobility classes, maximising gains while minimising diminishing returns.

These classes are coordinated with our mobility and antagonist training sessions, crucial for enhancing strength and preventing injuries.

Calisthenic / Hang

A Full Body Workout

Calisthenics and rock climbing share many similarities, both relying on bodyweight exercises to enhance strength and flexibility.

This class will blend static and dynamic movements to optimise performance. Hangboarding is scheduled periodically at strategic intervals during the year to optimise results.

Applications Required

Comp Squad

This is a reserved squad for our Alpine competitors. This runs in the lead up to the QLD Boulder & Lead competition season.

There are limited numbers for this squad to provide high level coaching.

Alpine Coaches and Route Setters are available for movement training. Boulders are tailor made and altered to cater for the athletes in this group.